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Jason Keepers...


Jason performing at King's Biergarten Oktoberfest 2015

Ed and Jason - The Original Enzian Buam - 2008


Writer of
Katherine's Waltz '95

Jason began learning music at the age of 5 at the Coffman Conservatory of Music, and his first instrument was the accordion. By age 15, he had also learned to play the trumpet, took lessons on the guitar, and for a short time was a member of the Texas Hot Shots Band.

In the late 1970's he appeared on Don Mahoney and Jeanna Clair's tv show in Houston Texas.

In 1990 he began to learn alpine jodeling. Alpine folkmusic quickly became his favorite style of music.

From 1990 - 1998 Jason performed almost every weekend at Hackemacks Hofbrauhaus in Frelsburg Texas.

In 2008 with the help of his friend Eddie Schaible from Ludwigsburg Germany he formed the Enzian Buam. Ed would perform with the band until his retirement in December of 2012.

"Ed was quite an inspiration for me. He really helped me a lot. A very wonderful fellow!"

Jason has performed at festivals and biergartens all over Texas and surrounding states. Some performance locations include....

Isle of Capri Casino
Players Island Casino
Bricktown German Fest in Oklahoma City
Gulf Greyhound Park
Kemah Oktoberfest
Rudi Lechner's
Hackemack's Hofbrauhaus
Walburg Restaurant
Houston Oktoberfest
Old Heidelburg
Garden in the Heights
Bavarian Gardens
and the world famous King's Biergarten in Pearland and their other location in the Hieghts known as King's Bierhaus.

Jason also wrote "Katherine's Waltz '95" for his mother. It has since become a dance hall standard in Texas.

"Katherine's Waltz was written for my mothers birthday back in 1995 and was first recorded in 1996. The song actually has 3 parts, but only the first two are performed by most bands. We only started performing the third part at public peroformances in 2016."

You can catch the full song on Mollie B's Polka show on RFDTV!

For more information about Katherine's Waltz '95 feel free to contact Jason by clicking here.

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